Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Etsy Time!

My dear non-existant blog viewers,
This weekend will be my last few days of spring break. It's been wonderful having the opportunity to relax a little before going back to loads of studying and projects galore. Earlier in the week I flew back to Illinois to visit family, see Prince (my English Springer Spaniel) and Floppy (my rabbit who we've had for 6 years and do not yet know the gender of). I arrived back in Arizona late Tuesday night and had intentions of catching up on school work throughout the rest of the week, but I instead sat around, twiddeled my thumbs and simply did nothing other than create a shop on I've been wanting to do this for ages, but I was hesitating because of the listing fees associated with the site. It's only $00.20 per item, but as a broke college student, money is tight and I didn't feel as though trying to sell some of my crafts for a few dollars seemed like a good investment.
Oh well, I opened a shop anyway and posted some items as well as talked with a few other members in the forums! They have a wonderful community and everyone I met was friendly and helpful. I felt quite welcome! :)

Please check out my BRAND NEW etsy shop at:

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